Sunday, February 12, 2012


Now last (but far from least!) of the three models of the Adopt-a-Thon,!

Pixel is a wonderful little girl, 3 months old now, who's just searching for love. She loves her cuddles, she loves her chew toys, she loves most treats (Not the ones we had to bait her for photos though!) and I'm positive she'll love you! A more beautiful personality wrapped in a cute little bundle, you won't find. She's a typical, rambunctious puppy but don't let that deter you, she's a complete gem who only wants to please you and have fun while doing it! If this includes jumping for stuff, even better!

Pixel is a mixed breed puppy. By appearance she looks like some sort of Heeler Terrier cross but whatever she is, she's worth it. How can you say no to a face like that? In this photo she's scoping out the snow bank she wishes her leash was just long enough to reach. Playing in the snow seems to be a great past time of hers.

If you're interested in Pixel and wish to learn more or contact AARCS about her, you can find her profile here.


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