Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The last couple of weeks developed a surprising trend in our household. All of a sudden a bunch of friends asked me to puppy sit! 3 dogs within about 3 weeks, just out of the blue, non related, all going different places... I should start a business LOL Sure it'd be nice to be in Mexico or Arizona instead, just like the owners, but putting up with poochies is second best :D

This was our first victim, a Blue Heeler named Kiah. Or as we call her Kiah Maria or Kiah Rio or Put That Down! She's a sweetheart with a heart of gold and an addiction to fetch. Hide her toy, she'll search for it for hours. When she can't find it, she'll bring anything else she thinks will work. Books, socks, underwear, rolls of paper towel, cans of hairspray... You name it, Kiah will make it a toy.

After a couple rocky first days with Mystic they sorted their stuff out and became partners in crime, and bed hogging! Weird how two small dogs can take up so much bed space.... She is a bit hard to get photos of since she's constantly on the go. Play here, sniff here, find this, bring it to me, wait for a throw, run around like a crazy hound, play with Mystic. Never any stop with this girl. I did manage to get this shot while telling her to lay down and stay. She's trained very well and listens like a dream most of the time so that was about the only way to get a shot! This is pretty much her "Common, throw it! Throw it!" face.


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