Friday, February 3, 2012


One of the dogs that I had the best connection with at last week's Adopt-a-Thon was Bounder. At first impression she was rather shy and overwhelmed by the entire deal. She was more content doing laps around the pet shop than actually meeting with anyone. But after a couple of hours and a few rounds of bum scratches she was happily trying to sit in my lap! Unfortunately, that's one of the hardest positions to take photos of a dog from!

Once she's sure you aren't somebody to be afraid of she's a loving, sweet and beautiful dog. Well... she's beautiful even when she isn't sure of you, she can't help that, it's just the way she looks! She's a Border Collie cross and gorgeous! In today's photo you can see her amazing brown eyes. Aren't they just screaming "Love me! Adopt me!". Really she just wanted the cheese I was using to get her attention...

If you would like more information on Bounder and maybe would like to offer her the perfect forever home, feel free to contact AARCS. Bounders profile can be found here. But for now, here's those eyes!


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