Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today I did my first volunteer photo shoot for Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society. I help them by taking photos of animals they have in foster care that are currently looking for their furever homes! For the most part I sit around waiting for a pooch outside of Calgary. Since most of the animals are fostered within the city, photographers in the city take their photos! But every now and then there's a foster home outside of Calgary. Like today with Reba who lives in Drumheller!

Reba is a 7 month old Collie Lab X. She was born in a foster home and adopted once already but was unfortunately returned because she wasn't the breed her adoptive family had been looking for. It's hard to guarantee breed in rescue dogs sometimes! So for now Reba's keeping her foster family on their toes with her happy go lucky antics and patiently waiting for that perfect someone to come along and fall in love with her. Hopefully my photos will help speed this up for her!

Here is one of the shots of Reba today. She really loves chewing on sticks if her face is anything to go by!



  1. Hi Angie!!

    Great photos of Reba!! We seen them up on the AARCS website. Thank you so much for taking the time to photograph her, your pictures are gonna help Reba find her furever home.

    Nancy and Sean (Reba's foster parents)

  2. Hey Nancy! I'm glad you like the photos. I really hope they help Reba find her perfect family.