Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adoption Day and an Oldee but a Goodee!

So some very exciting news today! Pet Planet in Olds is hosting an adoption day for AARCS on January 28th! They've kindly asked me to join them and take some photos of adoptable critters and hopefully of adopted ones too! I may even get to see Miss Ellie again if she gets to come for a visit. This will also give me a chance to meet other AARCS volunteers in the area and perhaps even the people I've only "met" through email. A day of wonderful possibilities for sure! I just hope I don't fall in love with too many pooches...

For today's photo I'm going back a month and a bit to a gorgeous December day. It was nice and warm out with beautiful blue skies so I figured Hey, why stay inside when I could be cleaning up the disaster of a garbage shed? Of course this is where the cats live so they were kindly keeping me company while I puffed up their bed and gave them kitty scratches. Since I took out my camera with me it was like working with ADD. Every five minutes I had to take some photos. Fortunately, (or unfortunately!), because of the cold and my charging negligence, my battery died :( However! I did get a few wonderful captures of Frosty. He's an absolutely stunning cat but all too often he has his dopey, just woke up from a nap face on. While he's definitely not super alert in this shot, he is still stunning!

You can't tell in this photo but Frosty is a Manx. His dad, Trout, was a reject from an acquaintance's farm. Trout was considered too shy and wild of a kitten so they were going to shoot him. Of course, tell me that and I'll make room for anything so he came home with us and proceeded to starve himself upstairs for two weeks straight. Since he's taken to peeing in the house so he's now strictly a barn cat with his two sons, Frosty and Pilsner! He also eats regularly now, having gotten oven all wildness.

But on to Frosty's photo! And if you're in the area on the 28th make sure to drop by for a visit!


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