Saturday, November 19, 2011


Meet Kricket. The freak of the horse who would make Mr. Ed the ideal equine wife! She lives on the doorstep, sticks her head in the door, is in love with our vehicles and has an unhealthy appetite for dog and cat food.... She also takes lovely photos. When she's not coming to close to snoop... While there are spots on this photo from my dirty, dysfunctional censor I still love it. The clouds, the background, Kricket's expression. The fact that she was actually standing still...

It was a gorgeous October day that I took advantage of by going for a stroll with all the acreage critters. It was the same day I took the previous photo of Pilsner! Now I'll have to go for another walk to get photos of them all in the snow but until then I hope Kricket will help tide you over!



  1. Nine to see another post from you Angie, lovely photo! Just a heads up its sensor, and also did you want someone to try and fix the sensor dirt? I can do on aperture if you would like?

  2. Thanks Dan! Yeah I know the sensors dirty, normally I edit it out but couldn't be bothered this time lol Cheaper that way than cleaning it repeatedly. It gets dirty even though I don't change lenses! -.-