Tuesday, November 2, 2010

40 Mile Pass

One of the peaks of the 4, 5 or 6 day rides, 40 Mile Pass is a wide open plain between the Sawback and Vermillion mountain ranges. Known for being super windy it does have one bonus, no trees to soak you through!

As you've seen in the previous post, we had quite a dump of snow on the 21st of September. While it had melted at lower elevations, 40 Miles up high enough that there was still quite a bit there. In this photo you get to see Fresh Meat and Swine (with their beverages of choice of course) meandering their way down the valley. The view is looking North, back towards Flints. It was an awesome ride, fairly warm and we had Fresh Meat serenading us with country songs the entire way!



  1. Lovely. Nearly archaic but not FERAL... no no no no no- I think 'Feral'(italics, please!!!) is the wrong word here and... there and for this website in general. Nice images (might have liked this one more without the faces though- too like, 'Germans in Montana' for a lesbian retreat-feeling. Not nearly vague enough to be 'Feral'(more italics please!). I just wandered across this site because I am a photographer and I am feeling rather feral tonight... I've almost lost my buzz. I'll be back though. Whaddaya got???! Ciao!

  2. Archaic photos? Maybe.... when I use Feral I use it in the context of returning to a wild state after being domesticated by humans. Fits for me, even if some of these places have never truly been domesticated :P I hope you do return and continue to enjoy - some - of the photos :)