Friday, September 16, 2011

Back in Canada

It's been a while, I know. I took a slight break to go travelling and see some sights in Australia! I sure did miss Canada and seasons but while it's good to be home, it's hard not to miss Australia as well. You can see things there that would only be in a fantasy novel in Canada! I also got to experience just about every natural disaster that isn't possible here in Alberta and that's unforgettable in itself.

I should be able to update here fairly regularly, at least for a little while :3 The main chunk of photos will most likely be from Australia and why not! It's gorgeous over there and I'd like to share the little places I went with everyone! First up is the majestic Barron Falls...

Now originally I'd have been hard pressed to find a river that I've ever seen that's the size of the Barron River. Running right through Cairns it was one of the first I seen in Australia and it was HUGE. I was then told it's a tidal river, meaning at high tide it's higher therefore bigger, and at low tide it's smaller. Also it was flooding when I first seen it... Still, massive river. Then I found my way to the start of the Barron River. No longer massive if was the size of a small stream. There's many different river crossings across the Atherton Tablelands where I was staying and at each one it gets slightly large. I loved seeing how it grew.

The Barron Falls are right where the river meets the edge of the Kuranda Range. It pretty much has to fall a couple hundred feet to get down to the level of Cairns and the Coral Sea. Here you can see it as it was when I first arrived in Australia. While it wasn't flooding it was extremely high and the reddish brown tinge is from the soil erosion. This part of Australia has extremely red dirt. I went back again just before I left Australia and while still beautiful it wasn't near as awe inspiring. That photo may be posted later.


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