Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tear Down Snow

So tear down has come and gone once more. This year was not super warm like last year. Therewas no skinny dipping in Rainbow Lake, no riding in your bra and, best of all, no bugs! There was, however.... Snow! Gorgeous, refreshing, cold and wet. Stoney Creek was fairly uneventful. No snow, little rain, a couple drunk packers puking their guts out. Typical stuff. I jumped ahead of everyone else and skipped town after Stoney however and headed straight to Flints. Catching up with guests and the snow it was a nice relaxing evening and a wet and sloppy morning! Taking down a fence in half a foot of snow is definitely an experience not to mention all the snowbound tents. Want a little insight into what I'm talking about? Behold the Flints Park Teepee on the morning of September 21st, 2010. We cooks of course left it up for the guys to deal with although I did kindly sweep the snow off of it for them :)


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