Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Snow Day, Back in the Day!

In honour of all the snow that fell last night (And is still falling!!!), I figured I'd post a photo from a snow day a few years ago. I didn't have the day off for this back in the day snowfall but that was alright! I was right out in the nitty gritty of it! And for those of you thinking October 23rd and heavy snowfall warning?! WHAT?!? Well this photo was taken on September 21st! And it's after shot which I will include on this blog was taken on the 22nd. Granted it's up a bit higher in the mountains but still!

This snowstorm occurred during tear down of 2010 in Banff. I had ridden with just myself, my horse
Spencer and my trusty mule Casey, to Flint's park to help that cook start tearing down her camp as soon as her guests left the next morning. The closer I rode to Flints the more the rain turned to snow and by the time we were turning on the lamps in the kitchen tent that night there were quite a few inches on that pristine meadow! I actually found a photo of the cook and I posing in the snow that night before it was too dark. Thanks to #7 for taking the photo for us!

By the morning there wasn't a blade of grass in site but man was the sky blue! There had to be over a foot of snow on the ground just in time for me to start taking down the electric fence. I had two pairs of clothes on the go. One was by the wood stove drying and warming at all times while I wore the other one for a lap around camp to take down one wire. Once one wire was done, the clothes were swapped! I thought it was a pretty good system. By the time the cavalry arrived that evening after there long ride from town in all the snow, the fence was just about all down as were all the outer buildings! What proficient cooks we were! The snow was melting during the day as we worked and by the time we were getting ready to start packing up and leaving the next day this is all that was left of it. But the grande photo of the entire storm? The morning after when everything was just white and blue! Even the TeePee was sporting some great camouflage. Was it a hassle at the time? Sure, snow always is. But was it worth all that extra work it might have caused? Every time!


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