Monday, October 15, 2012

Athabasca Ice Flows

In another photo from the past I bring to you some ice flows! OooOooOooo. These beauties are located on the Athabasca River just below the Athabasca Falls. Very gorgeous waterfalls for anyone who ever wants to go see them! There's also a local herd of Caribou that hang around in the area....

My friend and I at the time had decided one day that we wanted to go for a scenic drive from Banff up to Jasper so one day in my truck we hoped and away we drove! We took the Ice Fields Parkway because what's more scenic than that! We rose dark and early to begin our adventure in search of beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing wildlife. We weren't disappointed! I didn't get any shots of good wildlife however the scenery was fabulous and all in all the adventure was a success, producing many shots that I continue to enjoy. Like this one! It has a bit of noise in it but every time I look at it I remember our slipper climb down ice covered stairs from the top of the falls to the bottom. It was perilous and only upon reaching the bottom did we stop to think "Gee, it might be an issue going back UP!" It was challenging that's for sure, but gave us our exercise in an otherwise full day of sitting.

The Athabasca, like other glacier fed rivers, has the surreal turquoise glow. The winter is no exception! This photo shows this off extraordinarily well while also showing that no... the ice isn't the same green as the water! What a mystery :o I also enjoy how the ice flows mimic a puzzle, all fitting together perfectly but gradually sliding too and fro away from each other. Who would have thought ice could be so captivating? Gives you the chills just looking at it and thinking how cold that water is though!


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