Monday, March 22, 2010

Tuffy's Tail

   On March 10th pretty much our entire house meandered out to the ranch at Cochrane for the annual trimming. This is when the ferrier class from Olds College gets to come practice their trimming techniques on the horses while exposing us to their inflated ideas about well behaved horses. In any case, it was fun listening to these folks, even more fun catching the horses and of course, a great photo op! I wanted to try a few of the photos in sepia but for some reason I never like my sepia shots like others. Instead, I stuck with good ole' black n' white!

   Here we have Tuffy's fat, white bum as a background with his tail stuck in the fence as the focal point. Black and White didn't change this shot much since Tuffy's white and the fence is dark... but still, it brought out good contrast! This is a shot I'm submitting to the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase. We shall see how it stands up next to other photos!

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