Sunday, January 17, 2010

Banff Springs

The Fairmont Banff Springs is a world renowned hotel. Apparently because it's a Fairmont hotel but really... the only Fairmont's I'd ever heard of were Banff and Lake Louise.... Either way, it's world famous and has been called the Castle of the Rockies. Personally I think Lake Louise has a better view but hey, that's me :D Anyhoo... this is the back view of the Banff Springs hotel. It's facing up the Spray Valley, towards Mount Rundle and, as you can see in this shot, is bordered by the Bow River (The Spray River is also just to the left in this shot, off screen). This shot was taken January, 16th, 2010 after a couple weeks of extremely warm weather. Normally there's be more snow and possibly more ice on the river as well.

On this particular day I went for a nice long walk around the back side of Tunnel Mountain. The trails there eventually turn into one trail that runs along an over flow for the Bow River and then back along the river itself. It apparently makes it to Hoodoo's as well but since I was alone and there were no tourists venturing in the same direction I decided to limit myself from going to far from town. The ice on the river is constantly cracking which is surprising when you walk along beside it. Hard not to jump. They were also doing some avalanche blasting that day on Mount Norquay which is like thunder multiplied by 50 on a nice sunny day. You do more than jump when it goes off lol All in all was an awesome walk though and definitely made me feel my legs.

Now, onto the photo!

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