Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I absolutely love the moon. One of my favourite things about winter is that the full moon just seems so bright! It reflects off everything on a clear night. I was lucky enough to get off work fairly early... 6 o'clockish, on the night of the full moon and it was a brilliant, clear sky! I only took a few minutes to drop off Kelly at home before I took off for the Minnewanka loop just outside of Banff. I'd gone there a week or so ago with the girls and kicked myself for not having my camera so I figured I'd go get some moonlit shots (I still plan on going in the daylight as well) The following are a couple of the photo's I got that night. I can't wait for the next full moon now!

Two Jack Lake and Mnt. Rundle in the background.

Lake Minnewanka

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